Post Pregnancy Scars and Movement Pattern Reconnection

The influence of cesarean section, perineal tearing, and episiotomy on a mothers movement patterns post child birth are too often left unexplored. A program may be put in place to ‘strengthen and tone’ the

5 Reasons its valuable to allow your feet to experience both Pronation and Supination.

The foot wasn’t just designed to LOOK pretty, its designed to MOVE and do a shit ton of cool stuff that influences the experience of the whole body above. The word Pronation when referring

Explore and Restore

Explore and Restore An individuals movement patterns will adapt to accommodate for the experience of pain, injury, surgical incision, modification, inefficiency, or danger. The clever body gets by, avoiding movement into spaces that are

Leg Lift / Dying Bug for Core Sequencing

  The leg lift or dying bug is a nice way to explore integration of the breath with the other muscles that work together to provide central stability. Practice creating a stable platform for

Intrinsic Core Considerations

In this video I discuss the interaction between the tissues of the Diaphragm, TVA, Pelvic Floor, and Multifidus that work together as a team to provide central stability for the body. How each of the

What is Neurokinetic Therapy? Overcome pain, increase performance and efficiency.

Lets face it, we all need to move. The little things really do matter. From hanging out the washing, mowing the lawn, brushing your teeth, dancing to music, playing a musical instrument, rolling over

Pec Minor – Grip, Shoulder, Hip, Breathing Considerations

Often when considering problematic movement patterns in the body, the pec minor muscle of the shoulder can often shows up as tight and pissed off. Cool its tight, pissed off, and sore to massage,

Scars mess with Movement Patterns

SCARS MESS WITH MOVEMENT PATTERNS People are blown away when we find that an old scar/tattoo/piercing is messing with their movement patterns… What!! How you may say? One way to think of it is

Strong Flexible Hands

Having spent many years as a guitarist, rock climber, remedial massage therapist, working building coolrooms squeezing off pop rivets and spent my fair share of time on the end of a shovel, I’ve never

Don’t let it define you

I believed running was the ultimate freedom. No fancy equipment, just my body moving through nature. I loved the feeling, especially running trails hopping over rocks and dodging trees. I would run whilst on