Scars mess with Movement Patterns



People are blown away when we find that an old scar/tattoo/piercing is messing with their movement patterns…
What!! How you may say?

One way to think of it is this –
After a life time of exploration, the motor control centre (movement pattern GPS) once built a map with a direct route to navigate a message to a destination (movement pattern).

All of a sudden, a maze (scar) popped up on the map, and now the message must navigate its way through the maze to get to the destination. The message may get lost / or delayed, therefore decreasing the efficiency of how the message can navigate its way from the motor control centre to the destination (movement pattern).

The motor control centre gets used to this new map, and stores it as the only way it knows how to navigate a message through to the destination. Decreasing movement pattern efficiency.

Using Neurokinetic Therapy it is possible to upgrade the map with an efficient route to navigate the message through to the destination despite the maze existing. Restoring movement pattern efficiency.
Do you have any old scars that could be messing with your movement pattern efficiency?

No matter how great or small..
That small scar on your chin from when you fell off your bike could be limiting your central stability sequencing, and contributing to low back pain…

Test, don’t guess.


My brother is a type 1 diabetic who self administers insulin at his lower abdomen throughout the day. Like me he is a lover of rock climbing and trains a couple of times a week. We did a session together as he was experiencing some low back pain, and wrist/forearm pain.


When muscle testing his core stability (TVA, RA, Multifidus, Pelvic floor, QL, Glute max, Lat dorsi, neck flexors and extensors) he struggled to engage any of these patterns at all.

We found that touching the scar tissue on the abdomen from administering insulin would bring these patterns back to life. After some soft tissue work on the scar tissue, his core stability lit up like a christmas tree, and he passed all of the muscle tests with ease.

The little things count.

If you have scar tissue from an old injury, surgery, piercing, tattoo get it checked out.