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Jaw Play

Explore both moving the jaw... and allowing the jaw to be moved via movement of the skull 💀

I thought this would be a nice follow up after the blackboard image I posted last week.

Thanks Gary Ward for helping grow my awareness around this concept 👊

What do you feel?

#Jaw #monyay
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2 weeks ago

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Tijana VasiljevicAwesome Rob Love this video Thanks for the awareness, I enjoy these explorations myself2 weeks ago

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Smile on the inside.

Years ago I read a book and it suggested a practice of feeling your smile all over your body. Start with your face, then see if you can feel your smile through the various parts of your body from head to toe. 😊

Practicing this morning in he melbourne sun makes me feel good.
The people walking by might get a kick out of it too.

Reply with your biggest smile wherever you are and have a rad day 👍

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3 weeks ago

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Christine Isabel Diedericks😆3 weeks ago

Giuditta CestariGrazie !!!3 weeks ago

Debbie ParsonsMantak Chai Inner Smile - always sending a smile to my liver the day after drinking too much 🍻 😀😀😀3 weeks ago

Gerald PecqueurEnjoy your smile effect1   ·  3 weeks ago

Jackie Wu1   ·  3 weeks ago

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Video screenshot

Explore your bones

Meet the calcaneus. Rear of the foot. Big solid badass bone that we strike into he ground as we walk (not all of us 😆)

If you can (or get someone else to 😏) grab your calcaneus and explore its motions.

Can it rock forward and back?
Can it rock side to side?
Can it rotate both ways?

Without hurting yourself Explore its end ranges in all directions ⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️↩️↪️

What do you feel?
What do you notice between both feet?
Does it feel nice when you stand up and walk around after introducing motion to this structure?
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3 weeks ago

Video screenshot

Some times goin ol' school and mashin up some tight corners on a lacrosse ball does the trick. Been havin some issues with my left shoulder and supination of my right forearm.

Got stuck into flexor carpi ulnaris on the right 💥 before integrating the new range through the rest of my body.

L shoulder feels happy about it and can shift weight into my L foot easier.

S'all connected
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4 weeks ago

Angle of the dangle

Can position of the jaw influence the structures above and below? I do believe so

Can the position of the structures below influence jaw position? I do believe so

How do we know which one? We interview he body 😀

Can your jaw relax and allow it to hang like a coat hanger to oppose movement of the skull?

Can the jaw move in all directions? Up, down, forward, back, left, right.

Can you move something below in order to create opportunity for the jaw to experience missing movements?
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4 weeks ago

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Tom GellieSo good. Everybody stop what you're doing and check yo self before yo wreck yo self.4 weeks ago

Morten CarlDoes this mean that when you rotate or just move the head, the jaw will move? Might be a stupid question :-/4 weeks ago

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Video screenshot

They see me rollin..

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4 weeks ago

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Jason BrownHarder than it looks. Good fun!4 weeks ago

Margy VerbaLove love love your videos! Keep'em coming please! Thanks1   ·  4 weeks ago

Antonia Louise LongoThey haaaattinnnnn'1   ·  4 weeks ago

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Video screenshot

Do what you love, love what you do.

Hope everyone had some wonderful Easter adventures. Sorry if I didnt reply to your msg's sooner as i was in the bush with little or no reception. ''Twas wonderful.

Feeling refreshed and back in the clinic tomorrow. Can't wait to play human puzzles and explore some movement with you all.
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1 month ago

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Enyaw DroffatsAmazing Rob, I find it great that a big guy can do stuff like that. Stay strong man.1   ·  1 month ago

Lawrence KhuuRob Sawyer that is amazing!1   ·  1 month ago

Simon McMahonif it rains that hair will weigh you down mate!1   ·  1 month ago

Giuditta CestariForza Rob!!1   ·  1 month ago

Giuditta CestariSonia Haha1   ·  1 month ago

Caroline Avila-StanesSpeaking of puzzles I need you to work some of mine out. I'll PM you.1 month ago

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Video screenshot

A little exploratory joint motion before work. With the right input it doesn't take long to feel the body reorganise itself ready for the day ahead. You can very quickly move all of the joints in all 3 dimensions to give the body a greater experience of itself 🙌 I do this type of check in often, observing what I feel and notice in my body. Do structures get equal motion in all directions? Are there blockages? Can I flow in all 3 dimensions? Where do a feel weight in my feet?
I even use this type of explorations with my clients as part of my assessment, but also for the great value of them connecting with notions in their body.
Simple but amazing. Exactly why I love it 😍
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2 months ago

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Greg PorterI think you need to add the village people's YMCA music to this video2 months ago

Lokie JennisonLove your work rob! Ps can you put the Macarena music to this?2 months ago

Rob SawyerA jubglsjsnrnskabssnsnsan Macarena1   ·  2 months ago

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Nature heals 🌱✨ ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Margy Verbayes she does...2 months ago

Di SikacekAbsolutely👍🏼☀1   ·  2 months ago

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Video screenshot

Old mate who I walk the dog with at the park loves to whittle away at timber and build walking sticks. He gave me this one a little while ago and I've been using it for mini play breaks between work it to explore motion of the hand and wrist 🌱

Between rock climbing and work my hands and forearms get pretty tight. I've found this a nice way to get them moving thats not boring as 🦇💩
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2 months ago

Love this piece.. :) ... See MoreSee Less

Explore and Restore An individuals movement patterns will adapt to accommodate for the experience of pain, injury, surgical incision, modification, inefficiency, or danger. The clever body gets by, avoiding movement into spaces that are perceived as a threat or that may aggravate tissues/stuctures requiring rest and repair. After the pain or tangible threat is gone, and tissue/structure is healed, whats left?.. A body that continues to move around a perceived threat, altering motor control and creating a new perceived movement pattern efficiency. Spaces are left unexplored, leaving limitations in movement potential to persevere. A once necessary evasion of motion for a time of healing left to linger may place extra demand on other areas of the body, potentially creating other new issues. New postural adaptations may evolve. Tissues that once rested balanced and calm, may find themselves stuck long or short, experiencing persistent tension and unable to access a centred resting place. Structures that required an element of mobility in a movement pattern may adopt rigidity, and visa versa. A limb that could once accomplish its share of work to perform a movement task, may be carried by the extra work of another limb. A new efficiency is born out of necessity, and may be perceived the most efficient until explored otherwise. So how do we open up these spaces? How do we convince the nervous system to grant us permission to access the motion and movement potential that was once labelled a threat? With exploration. We can continue to move around our limitations, or have someone shine a light on these dark spaces and slowly explore them. Give the body a greater experience of itself, and upgrade the map of whats available and safe. So long as we are not moving into pain, little bit by little bit, we can make these once threatening spaces feel safe again. Explore and restore #anatomyinmotion #neurokinetictherapy #movement #motorcontrol

2 months ago

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Checkin in with ma bones

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2 months ago

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Riccardo GaleottiReally... I must do this every night :)1   ·  2 months ago

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"It feels like I'm moving around in a dark room" said my client as she explored loading parts of her foot and allowing the movement to filter up through her body perhaps for the first time in a long time.

Sounds like the right place to be shining a light

Her posture initially presented with her big toe floating up off the ground and she had a hard time getting weight into her left foot.

Using movement to upgrade the brains awareness of what's safe and available to move into, not only did the foot posture addapt, but so to did he rest of her body posture and movement.

Little things can go a long way
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2 months ago

Mates keeping me company during this morning "work". So grateful
Thanks mates
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3 months ago

Something I always ask my clients is if they have had any surgery or have any scars.

This morning I worked with a lovely lady who didn't particularly have any discomfort, but wanted to work on her posture.

In a simple movement screen she discovered that it was challenging to extend through her thoracic spine, and posterior tilt her pelvis.

We found two scars on her abdomen that had an influence on her ability to engage her TVA (transverse abdominus).

After some soft tissue work on the scars, her TVA became near effortless to engage (along with her left flute) followed by a smile on her face.

Following this we integrated some spinal motion with the breathe. Kind of a two-for one exploring the ability for the scar tissue to stretch and the TVA to load and unload.

Improved thoracic extension and posterior pelvic tilt 👍

Client "it's weird that nobody ever looked at that"

#nkt #aim #scars
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3 months ago

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Video screenshot

Pec Minor Release

Quick vid I made for a rock climber mate who could benefit from some pec minor release. Grab a ball, take some breaths, enjoy.

Sure I'd love to explore deeper into how I could help him further, but sometimes you gotta make do with what you have where you are

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3 months ago

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Ben JeonThanks Rob!3 months ago

Sylvia DavisDo not try if you have big boobs,1   ·  3 months ago

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Neurokinetic Therapy level 1 this weekend in Melbourne 😊 look forward to meeting heaps of rad new people, facilitate learning and exploring, and learn a bunch of cool stuff myself! Time to give the brain a workout 💪 ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Join me in this video to explore 3D Movement in your body.

Here is a simple but very informative Movement Exploration practice I share with my clients. Here we explore how big structures of the body are moving in all 3 dimensions.

I love this practice because it not only gives me information as a therapist, but it gives the client an opportunity to begin exploring themselves. For something that looks so simple, there are often some wow moments

I discovered this taking part in the Anatomy in Motion immersion and am ever so greatful!

If you find some cool stuff let me know 😄 I would love to here your experience.
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In this video I guide you through a 3d movement self check in practice. Get inside your body and your movement and interview its ability to move through all ...

3 months ago

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Luke RiddleMate love the video very clear. One suggestion is that you try having it a different colour shirt to shorts to wall( background) i think it will show those great moves off more clearly? Anyway hope life is cool and things going well. I am still keen to hook up some time before winter. All the best Badge1   ·  3 months ago

Anthony ClaffeyWeird, I just made the same video yesterday :) :) Awesome stuff man1   ·  3 months ago

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Did I get your attention?

When you see the words "Pain Free Living/Life/Lifestyle" advertised within a therapy, course, practice, program do your alarm bells ring? Or are you enticed by a magical prize at the end of the rainbow?

I am surprised at how often the term "Pain Free Life/Lifestyle/Living" is used to lure in people who are experiencing pain in their lives… This terminology sounds extremely attractive… A life free from the experience of pain… But is that realistic?? Can we delete it from our existence? Mmm I think not.. So why is this continuously advertised? To prey on those that are hurting?

Is pain something we should be free of in this lifetime? Or might pain be a valuable experience that can help guide us?

I have met many inspiring people along this journey who have experienced great transformation in there body and lives, and they often had one thing in common… They gave in fighting and trying to be free from their pain, and began to honour it, explore it, listen to it, let it be a guide.

Id love to hear your thoughts?

Can we life a Pain free life? A life free of pain?
Or a balanced life? A life enriched with the experience of both pain and pleasure?

#pain #painfree #balance
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3 months ago

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Margy VerbaAnother great post Rob! Along those lines, I found this article about cultural concepts of pain, quite interesting: . Seems only in western cultures do we have this expectation of zero pain.1   ·  3 months ago

Monika VolkmarOohhh. Interesting topic eh. I am working on writing a thing called "the many uses of pain". Its nice to be pain free, but we're going to have experiences of it on and off. Cutting through the woe-is-me to see how it could be useful is pretty cool. Example, exploring a recent wrist injury led me to some discoveries that totally enhanced my pistol squats in an awesome way I wouldnt have otherwise figured out :)1   ·  3 months ago

Kym WilsonGreat post Rob. I'm so glad you wrote it. Absolutely agree that pain is a guide and a way that life/spirit speaks to us through our bodies. What do we need to know? What gems of wisdom does it have to share with us?1   ·  3 months ago

Jemma HyjacEven outside the realm of manual therapies and physical pain, this is so relevant. Pain can tan teach us so much if we be open enough to listen to it1   ·  3 months ago

Paweł KrupaTruth, chronic pain has been my greatest teacher through the years. Sometimes it does get tiring and discouraging though... But still, it made me who I am and brought me where I am so Im grateful. Great post man.3 months ago

Joel CelimaBrilliant post mate. You are on the money. Pain , when you allow it to be your friend becomes your teacher. Enables you to ACT! Pain can be very beneficial if you allow it to be. However, it's a journey in itself. An enlightening and evolving journey that can take you to places you never knew you could go mentally and physically. Pain can lead you to rock bottoms. Once you've gotten there, there's only one way to go. And that is up! Hope you are well brother. Would love to see another guitar video from you soon! All the best mate 👍3 months ago

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Can you move your pelvis?

In 3D?

Exploring pelvic movements with a client this morning and we discovered that instead of hiking her pelvis on the left, she rotated it Left... and to get it to rotated it to the Left, her ribcage shifted to the Right and the left side of her neck hurt.

We discovered that if we tidy up rotation of her L knee, with supination of her L foot her pelvic rotation balanced out and her neck pain.

Exploring this spectrum of movement allowed her body to adjust its perceived centre, leaving the pelvis no longer resting in a R rotation

S'allll connected !!
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4 months ago

Centre exists because of the the spectrum that surrounds it.

The centre of the room for example is the centre of the room because of the walls that surround it. Move one of the walls and centre shifts…

The body may favour a particular posture because of its perceived centre. A centre that can be defined by the awareness of the movement spectrum surrounding it.

For example a spine that bends left, and is rarely given the opportunity to bend right, will probably hold itself bent left, and favour bending left throughout movement. Though what happens if we reintroduce an awareness that the spine can safely bend R? The awareness of the spectrum grows… therefore the perception of centre shifts and the spine may now have the opportunity to hold itself and move differently.

I was introduced to this concept in relation to body posture and movement via Gary Ward in his book "What the Foot" and it was something I instantly resonated with. I could relate it instantly to the rest of my life.

This resonated so strongly for me was because of the work I had been doing curiously diving into and exploring in all areas of my life physical, emotional, spiritual working on bringing my health into a new balance. I had come to an awareness that when I allow myself to experience all ends of the spectrum I feel most balanced.

Some examples of this spectrum could be Happy and Sad, Joy and Anger, Rest/Play, Work out/Work In Hungry/Full, Clean food/Junk food, late nights/early nights, the ability to say Yes.. and No… Satisfying people, and disappointing people.. Days on/Days of.. Giving/Receiving.. Tears/Laughter.

In too many areas of my life I favoured one end of the spectrum, barely exploring the other.

Id try to stay up and never go down..
I tried to stay happy, barely letting the sadness share its value..
I saturated my life with joy, and hid the anger
I played hard and rested little
I ate clean and rarely deviated
My nights were late and rarely early
I said yes, and found it hard to say no
Worked out and rarely worked in
I tried to satisfy everyone and never let anyone down
Too many days on, not enough off
Give give give
Clouded the tears with an abundance of laughter

This left my health and wellbeing in a pretty interesting and unpleasurable (though very valuable) place … and it wasn't till I allowed myself to explore the other side of the spectrum that I began to understand the value of both ends.

It was certinitely a challenge to my comfort zone to catch up on letting myself experience sadness, anger, lots of rest, loose nutrition, early nights, saying no, working in, letting some people down, days off, receiving, and letting the tears flow… though with challenging the comfort zone comes growth and awareness.

By exploring the spectrum available, I began to redefine my perception of centre, and brought my health and wellbeing to a balanced place that works for me (and felt much much better :) )

So instantly when I began to carry this philosophy over into working with human body posture and movement, it made so much sense. Seeing a pelvis level out, a spine straighten up, a jaw no longer deviating, aches and pains relieved and strength and flexibility improve all by challenging comfort zones and exploring a movement spectrum.. the proof was in the pudding :)

I write this with the intention of not only sharing my connection with life and bodywork, but with hope to inspire others to observe the many ares of their lives where perhaps there may be too much weight on one side, and little on the other.. where the light may shine bright in one corner, and a little dark in the other. Perhaps things may feel a little off centre or out of balance, though if you have the courage to do some exploring, challenge your comfort zone, shine some light on the dark, and perhaps dim some of the bright, let a few tears flow, say no, get that extra sleep, receive a little.. You may just redefine redefine centre and find a feeling a balance.
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4 months ago

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Greg PorterAwesome post Rob!4 months ago

Monika Volkmar<3 milo1   ·  4 months ago

Margy VerbaAnother great post Rob Sawyer!1   ·  4 months ago

Shae IsnevergrowinupAlways love what you write Rob1   ·  4 months ago

Simon McMahonyella workin on her posture ey1   ·  4 months ago

Benny FergussonBeautiful Rob. I'd love to feature this as a guest post on the Movement Monk site. Let me know if you're interested?4 months ago

Eric GoodbarBeautifully written4 months ago

Riccardo GaleottiThanks Rob for sharing. Feel the same way. Great post1   ·  4 months ago

David FitzgeraldBloke hug Rob, lovely work1   ·  4 months ago

Rebecca NewmanWow... what a powerful insight. Thank you.1   ·  4 months ago

Joanna NelsonThanks for sharing Bud.... love your insight4 months ago

Jade De ValleMany challenges Rob but look at the incredible journey it's given you and these lessons you've been able to share with so many to help them through their challenges. You should feel very proud of yourself Rob1   ·  4 months ago

Phil GreenfieldBrilliant Rob. Confirms my thoughts on 'censoring' any aspect of ourselves and the dangers of keeping secrets. If we choose to deliberately not to look at information contained in a particular space/location within our own mind, just as when there's a physical space that we can't occupy with our body during movement, we'll always be 'working around' it, and our deep, peaceful (and powerful) 'centre' will always elude us. ❤️2   ·  4 months ago

Sally Trussler😙4 months ago

Paul KellyTruly excellent post, great insight!4 months ago

Sue PannetierGreat piece Rob and great pic too! Thanks for sharing ❣️4 months ago

Josie Sharak❤the picture!4 months ago

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Video screenshot

Exploring the connection between load bearing and movement of the hands, and how that connects through my whole body.

Perhaps you might observe how limited movement or load bearing of a hand could effect motion of the spine, and visa versa.

Try for yourself.. on your hands and knees, rotate your elbows internally towards the midline of the body and see if you can feel your whole body connect.. how body if you rotate them both externally away from the midline?

What if you rotate one in, and one out.. what do you feel?

A nice bit of play to explore and restore motion in the body ✋️🤚
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4 months ago

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Alvin ChewRicky Nguyen1   ·  4 months ago

Cosmo PolkeJasper4 months ago

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Video screenshot

Exploring some spiral motion of the wrist, elbow, shoulder from a hang position. Supported by my feet on the ground below. Many of you know I love rock climbing, and I like exploring these spaces in a safe environment so my body knows what it's capable of when I'm on the wall.
Feels nice in MY body.. have a play and let me know what you feel 😊
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4 months ago

Change the mind, change the body.
Change the body, change the mind.
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4 months ago

Video screenshot

... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

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Sebastian Ruppelif I wouldn´t know what you´re doing, i would think WTF?! ;)1   ·  4 months ago

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New environment = New Outcome

Explore the intricacies of your body in motion to restore lost movement potential, improve postural alignment, awaken flow and efficiency, and transform pain and discomfort.

We can continue to move around our limitations, or have someone shine a light on these dark spaces, and help us explore them. With the guidance of Freedom In Motion, create an environment to allow your body do the healing.

Book in for a moving experience today!

0410 302 558
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4 months ago

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Rhuss WotherspoonTimmy Totevski2   ·  4 months ago

Tiago MiguelI'm coming down for a check up :) I'll give you a ring mate and hopefully we can arrange a booking.1   ·  4 months ago

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How may pain be of service to you?
It may not be easy to see straight away...
Though there is purpose :)
Think about that.
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4 months ago

Me- Has anyone worked on this scar?
Client- No
Me - 😮

Old mate runner comes in experiencing R knee and L low back discomfort.
Turns out the 3 inch scar over his distal fibular from when he broke his ankle and had a plate and screws put in was inhibiting his R hamstring and L lumbar errectors. Poor ol fibulae hadn't moved for a while either..

Showed the scar some love, restore motion at the fib, and hamstring and erector patterns come back online nicely.

A hybrid look of joy and disbelief came over the fellas face..

Stand him up and integrate the work through the rest of the body and the knee feels confident again 👍 Body happy to load the R foot again and the spine starts to level out too 👣

Scars are cool, don't ignore em.
Look where others don't.
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4 months ago

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Riccardo GaleottiHappy days :)1   ·  4 months ago

Greg PorterNad Hunt2   ·  4 months ago

Seth MilesWhat did you do to his scar?4 months ago

Amanda Hewes😃👍2   ·  4 months ago

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Thank you 2016!

I would like to extend my gratitude to those that have and have not supported me this year. You have all been a great motivator, inspiration and contributor to the development of this business, and my own personal growth. Thank you!

To those who like and share my social media posts, and asked great questions. Thank you!

To every client who has given me the honour of facilitating exploration and change in their body and life. What each of you individually teach me is unique invaluable, and I thank you!

To my mentors who travelled the long journey to Australia to share their work and passion, I thank you.

It's been another year of ups, downs, hikes, drops, left, right, high, low, forward and back and I am grateful for this spectrum, for it is the experience of the whole lot that helps me find centre.

It's a wonderful time to be alive.
I look forward to exploring 2017 with you !
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5 months ago

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Margy VerbaThank you for making such great posts for us to share! And now I get to enjoy your music too! So much talent...5 months ago

Enyaw DroffatsLove your work Rob Sawyer I look forward to exploring more with you and the crew in 2017.1   ·  5 months ago

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Video screenshot

There is purpose in all that we do.
Set your intention and see the world through a new lense.
#exploring end range shoulder motion and clean windows. Two birds one stone 👍
Mr Miyagi knew what's up 😝
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5 months ago

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Andy LeitlIf your shoulders need more range of movement then I have lots of windows that need cleaning!1   ·  5 months ago

Riccardo GaleottiMy car needs work too :)1   ·  5 months ago

David HerbertSo does Gilly!5 months ago

Lewis Toh1   ·  5 months ago

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Video screenshot

Flip flops vs Hamstrings.

Flip flop awareness part 2.

How do your jandals effect your hamstrings bro?

In this video I discuss and invite you to explore flip flop gripping effect on the ability to lengthen the hamstrings in heel strike.

Have a play and let me know what you feel in those hams👍👍👍
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5 months ago

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Raelene MurphyThnx for sharing Rob x1   ·  5 months ago

Carly Stewart VernonGreat cueing Rob, thanks for sharing!1   ·  5 months ago

Finbar McKenna-FoxChristoph Murph3 months ago

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Waking up a sleepy butt after plenty of commute time this week. Legs a bit shaky now 😊

Back to work next week before Christmas. Come say gday. 🙏✨
... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

When ya feel like hangin... Get creative at the airport.

I'm off to Thailand for a week and will be back in business from the 19th till Christmas.

For session bookings Pm or Email

Take care
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6 months ago

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Jess Cala-Coolio WansEnjoy your holiday 😊6 months ago

Marcus McMahonHang onto the coffee mate6 months ago

Matt CampbellYou found the foot rigs!6 months ago

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Honour what works for you.

We are all on a unique path. What works for someone else may not work for you.. and thats ok.

What worked in the past, may not serve you in the present.. and thats ok.

Trust in your unique experience
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6 months ago

Video screenshot

Flip flops Vs Hip Extension. Play for yourself 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

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Greg PorterThanks Rob for the Awesome Video!!! Let us know if ok to share with the Krew6 months ago

Éamon Ó MongáinG'day mate 😉6 months ago

Margy VerbaLove your videos Rob Sawyer! Thanks...sharing for sure!6 months ago

William VuongWilliam Dinh Kenneth Chew1   ·  6 months ago

Anthony SparkMore gold Rob1   ·  6 months ago

Finbar McKenna-FoxChristoph Murph3 months ago

Comment on Facebook

😝 I made this for a laugh..

Doesn't mean it's not true..

Suns out, flip flops out.

Mess with the big toe, you mess with the the whole system.

Flex your toes and extend your hip.. Good luck with that
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6 months ago

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Elena VasilevaCan I share?6 months ago

Finbar McKenna-FoxHaha awesome dude6 months ago

Greg PorterWould love to see you do a video on this topic... I get a lot of push back from clients about this....3   ·  6 months ago

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Video screenshot

Climbing trees because my inner child said so.
Feels great to sit up top and admire the landscape. When I was a kid I would sit in the old gumtree at home, pretending I was on great adventure. Little did I realise I was already on a wonderful adventure called life. I've done some cool stuff I this lifetime, but exploring mySELF has been, and continues to be the greatest adventure of all 😊

What's something you haven't don't since you were a kid that you would love to do today?

#treeclimb #climb #innerchild #adventure #self #explore
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6 months ago

Back in clinic today inspired by a week of education via experience with Anatomy in Motion Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan. Aka Wardy and Sritho 👍

We connected with our bodies, exploring the 3 dimensional joint motions that take place in the body and the timings of where and when they would ideally be present.
Where motion was not present, we discovered ways of inviting that motion back in, and experienced it filter it's way through the whole system.

Discovery, tears, laughter, liberation, confusion, ice cream, coffee, rock climbing were all present in a week that will spark change in the lives of attendees, and their clients.

I'm truly honoured to be a part of something so wonderful, and to share time and space with all of these inspirational humans.

Thank you all!

Humans are cool
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6 months ago

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Seth MilesDid anyone notice how calm I am considering my arm is swollen 3 times its size and my shoulder is disclocated.6 months ago

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What does the body do?

Exploring this at the AiM immersion in Melbourne this week.

Love seeing curious minds from all over Australia getting into their bodies

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6 months ago

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Anthony ClaffeyRob Sawyer 3rd time on the course?6 months ago

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A few movements and a willingness to out explore outside of your comfort zone, and perception of self can be reshaped in seconds.

A long time since I put my hands on rock. To be honest I sat down and thought I don't think I can do this, I'm too heavy to pull onto this rock, I'm not what I use to be..

Then I pulled onto the rock

A few failures. A few rips of my skin. Some yelling and screaming. My mindset starts to shift

Before you know know it I've topped out and completed the climb. Something I would not have achieved had I stayed within my comfort zone.

From I can't, to i can in a matter of moments. All I had to do is try.

We can't go back, we must go forward.

Thanks for the spot Gary 😊

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6 months ago

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Mathew TiceAs always, very inspiring stuff!1   ·  6 months ago

Raelene MurphyWell done Rob xx1   ·  6 months ago

Tom ButelYewww rock on man1   ·  6 months ago

Antonio TarpangoYou're a beast.1   ·  6 months ago

Matt Campbellgood to see mate1   ·  6 months ago

Cindy RellaLove this post and funny this quote came up on my Insta almost within minutes of reading! Life is bouldering 🙌🏻6 months ago

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Video screenshot

Juggling between jobs.

Hand eye co-ordination and somewhat of a mental holiday.
I have found juggling at times to be a nice way to get out of my head and into my body. Something else to focus on. Take your focus away for a second and it's all over.

I highly recommend you don't begin with screw drivers.

Instead try tennis balls or something soft. Begin with one ball, then two, then have a crack at three.

Thanks Handstands with Dave Davy for inspiring me to have a go, and helping me discover the de-stress magic of juggling 👍
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7 months ago

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Mayumi Knighti cant seem to move to 47 months ago

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I believe it is no coincidence that the people who contact me with the greatest long lasting results and changes in their bodies are the ones who take responsibility for the change they wish to see, and continue the work themselves.

Input on the clients behalf is necessary for lasting adaptations to take place in their healing / transformation.

For a new result we must provide new stimulus.

We can't keep doing the same old stuff, and expect someone else to 'fix' things in a single session, and then return to the same crap that broke us in the first place.

It is for this reason I value video support material highly. To be able to leave the session with guidance to continue the work yourself is empowering and a must in my opinion.

To take ownership of the process, and provide the stimulus for the results you would like to see and feel is where magic stuff happens.

With every sessions I offer video support material to help you continue to help yourself.

(Insert Einstein / Ghandi quotes here) 😝
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7 months ago

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Kylie NewmanBeing able to refer to your video has helped me heaps7 months ago

Tom GellieIt's the same with my clients. Biggest improvements from those that take ownership of the information you've helped them find out2   ·  7 months ago

Riccardo GaleottiTotally agree!7 months ago

Caroline Avila-StanesInsert quote from Yoda "Do or Do Not, there is no Try" 😁7 months ago

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Video screenshot

Arm Spirals

A motion I personally found liberating, and something my rock climber friends tend to love is exploring the spiral like movement of the hands, arms and scapulae. Feel the arms unwind and the scapula slide and glide. As you really start to edge just beyond your comfort zone it can get quite fatiguing.

Enjoy exploring and if you have any feedback on what you feel let me know 😊
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7 months ago

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Benny FergussonIndeed it's a delicious movement Rob. Keep up the wonderful explorations 👌1   ·  7 months ago

Mathew TiceGreat way to start my day, before sitting at a desk!1   ·  7 months ago

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In the case of a jammed hip joint, don't forget to check the other side.

When we walk and move, there is a constant interplay between one hip compressing while the other is decompressing.

You can release that jammed up hip, but if the system doesn't trust compressing the other side, the work will be short lived and the hip you keep releasing will jam right up again.

So if one hip keeps jamming up, interview the body to see how it feels about weight barring/compressing the other side.
See if moving weight off that hip feels safe, and if not, re-educate for a different result 😜

It's all connected

#hipjointjam #hipimpingement #itsallconnected.
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7 months ago

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Nathan WilkinsonHad one of these the other day! Compressed side cleared up in seconds once the opposite side was able to stabilise. Love this stuff :D1   ·  6 months ago

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Embrace sucking at stuff, and have a go anyway.
Sucking makes space for improvement.
Here I am making a mess of some cues Handstands with Dave Davy showed me. A nice break between drives. The steel caps don't help but I'll have a go anyway. It's the Aussie way 👍

Have a great long weekend!
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7 months ago

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Handstands with Dave DavyLooks good to me!1   ·  7 months ago

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Video screenshot

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7 months ago

Animal kingdom must have missed the memo to maintain neutral spine... What are they thinking!! 🤔😝 ... See MoreSee Less

7 months ago

Video screenshot

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

I've been trying to press this rock overhead on my left at random for months whenever I walk the dog. The right wasn't so bad, but the left...
I know it would go eventually if I kept at it.

Overcoming physical challenges like this is a nice reminder for other areas of my life. I can. Keep at it
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7 months ago

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Tom GellieYeah brother! That's 👏1   ·  7 months ago

Tom GellieAny AiM cues you were thinking of? Interesting watching your body learn to connect the joints and movements from the ground up each time you have a go 🤓7 months ago

Enyaw DroffatsExcellent, if at first you don't succeed don't give up.1   ·  7 months ago

Enyaw DroffatsHave you had a shave?1   ·  7 months ago

Jake YugovicThat's awesome Rob!1   ·  7 months ago

Gary WardSweet! I have the same motto at the wall....1   ·  7 months ago

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Video screenshot

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8 months ago

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Lewis TohMaria, can you see this?8 months ago

Maria HussainYes I can lewis1   ·  8 months ago

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