Rob Sawyer is the founder of Freedom In Motion in Melbourne Australia. He is artistic, fun, down to earth, and by no means done with his education. Rob is a passionate Neurokinetic Therapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer educating solutions through movement and self exploration. 

What is Neurokinetic Therapy ?

Neurokinetic therapy (NKT) is an application of motor control theory, neuroscience and functional anatomy that will help you unravel the cause of faulty movement patterns in the brain’s motor control center.

NKT identifies muscle imbalances by using unique protocols to determine what muscles are compensating for them, thereby allowing you to utilise specific treatment and corrective exercise techniques to restore proper movement patterns and reprogram the motor control center.

By utilising this approach you will stop chasing symptoms and start finding causes.

What does a session involve?

I am passionate about helping you gain back what your body is missing. I take time to listen to your history, and what it is that you are experiencing or feeling in your body. I watch you move and perform manual muscle/movement pattern testing to determine exactly what it is that is missing in your movement. I use massage, mobility drills, and coach person specific movement and exercise to help you create a pain free body, increase performance, and prevent injury.