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Pec Minor – Grip, Shoulder, Hip, Breathing Considerations

Often when considering problematic movement patterns in the body, the pec minor muscle of the shoulder can often shows up as tight and pissed off. Cool its tight, pissed off, and sore to massage,

Strong Flexible Hands

Having spent many years as a guitarist, rock climber, remedial massage therapist, working building coolrooms squeezing off pop rivets and spent my fair share of time on the end of a shovel, I’ve never

Don’t let it define you

I believed running was the ultimate freedom. No fancy equipment, just my body moving through nature. I loved the feeling, especially running trails hopping over rocks and dodging trees. I would run whilst on

Food Porn? or A Body Screaming for Fuel?

Food Porn? Body screaming for fuel? Guilty.. I used to take photos of my food creations and share them on social media. I used to get lots of photos of me eating food and